How can our Energy, help you save yours?

Energy Transformation

Transform the way you recruit! Our model combines the advantages of external recruitment with the intelligence of internal recruitment, minus the high fees.

Energy Efficient

We have saved our clients valuable resources, particularly their dollars. And unlike our competitors, the cost of our recruitment service is predictable.

Kinetic Energy

In order to get things moving, we will need to analyse your current and forecasted recruitment activity, agree upon our level of engagement and formulate a monthly quote. Once finalised, your recruiter will spend time per week with your organisation to gain an intimate knowledge of your business.

Do we have chemistry?

We understand our preferred model isn’t for everyone, which is why we offer the traditional fee per placement solution. However, should you wish to trial the Energy HR solution, we’re happy to offer you an initial 3 month trial period.

Potential Energy

Why stop at recruitment? We have the knowledge and experience to assist you across many facets of HR, including but not limited to workforce planning, change management and business process improvement.

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  • Operations Manager / Project Director
    McConnell Dowell Pipelines / QCLNG Collection Header & Export Gas Pipeline 03.10.2013

    …Energy HR provides a personal and targeted recruitment service enhanced by their understanding of our project and the construction industry.

    Having an Account Manager who understands our recruitment and project needs assigned to us has meant faster recruitment turn-around and more resumes that match our recruitment requirements. Our recruitment & HR team rely heavily on the services of Energy HR and they have proved invaluable to the success of our project.

    From initial prescreening, interview scheduling, reference checking and assistance with mobilisation, Energy HR’s turnaround time is not only reliable, but very impressive. Their efficiency has always helped us to progress suitable candidates faster, getting them out to site quickly. This has been an important service on this record‐ breaking project which is running to a tight schedule.

    Finally, the long term arrangement that we have made with Energy HR has not only meant that we have a commitment and guarantee of their services.

    It also means that we have saved a significant amount of money and time across our work force when compared to using a traditional recruitment service…

  • People and Culture / National Resourcing & Remuneration Manager
    Logicamms 03.11.2013

    …In 2010 it was recommended that we consider an alternative method of outsourced recruitment assistance through Energy HR. It was competitive to the regular recruitment agency model and offered more accountability,transparency and reliability. We embarked on a partnership with Energy HR and since assimilating the Energy HR team into our team, we have not looked back. Our agency expenditure consequently fell by approximately 82%.

    The service that Energy HR provides is a professional, efficient and commercially attractive recruitment service, ensuring a steady number of relevant candidates on a daily basis. As part of their service, our Company is provided with the support of an on-site consultant.

    Logicamms considers Energy HR as credible partners for our recruitment, business and project needs. This added value has proven cost effective and a time manageable practise…

  • HR Manager
    Enerflex 03.11.2013

    …Having an Energy HR consultant present at our office once a week has proven its value. Our Energy HR Consultant not only develops a secure understanding of our business, our culture and our requirements, but the relationships that evolve with managers and the HR team have notably made the recruitment process and employee retention rates more efficient.

    The Enerflex and Energy HR partnership has allowed our business to take advantage of the benefits of external agency methods at an affordable price. Consequentially, our company has saved substantial amounts of money which would have been used on traditional external agencies in the past…